Atlanta Jewish Foundation by Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta 

Stock Transfer Instructions 



The donor will need fill out the form below to provide: 

  1. Name of stock(s) and number of shares to be transferred 
  2. Approximate value of shares: 
  3. Anticipated date of transfer: 
  4. Broker Contact Information

The Atlanta Jewish Foundation makes every effort to sell publicly traded shares once they have been received, however, without the information requested by this form, there may be a significant delay in the sale and reinvestment of stock gifts. 

 We want to provide high quality service from the moment you initiate your gift, with your help, we can make this a smooth process. Please submit the form below PRIOR to making the DTC transfer. Please reach out to Madelaine Tesori (phone: 404575.3767. or email: with any questions. Your cooperation helps us: 

  1. Ensure that Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta is the intended owner before selling stock 
  2. Confirm the donor’s identity so that assets may be re-invested and a tax acknowledgment letter may be sent 
  3. Confirm receipt of inbound stock transfers quickly, so that funds can be coded to the right place. 

Transfer Information:

Name of Account: Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Inc.

Charles Schwab

Account number #4842-5545

DTC number# 0164

Donor Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Broker Information