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Our future is in the hands of our youth

It has been said that our future is in the hands of our youth. And one of the best ways to prepare Jewish youth for lifelong tzedakah is to set up a Young Philanthropist Fund.

Enable our next generation’s charitable giving

A Young Philanthropist Fund is a donor-advised fund for anyone who is 30 or younger. An account can be created at any time, and it’s an excellent way to mark a young person’s life event such as a graduation, birthday, or bar or bat mitzvah. 

This fund is the ideal tool to enable our next generation’s charitable giving, because a Young Philanthropist Fund allows the young recipient to choose charities and recommend distributions to causes they care about. Also, as the value of the account grows over time, it provides a useful resource for lifelong giving.

Distributions can be made at any time to any charity, and the establishing gift, plus all future contributions to the fund, grow tax-free for years to come.

Benefits of a Young Philanthropist Fund:

  • It’s an ideal way to introduce young people to giving.
  • The young recipient of the fund learns about investment, cash management and giving, while also taking an active role in choosing causes to support.
  • The fund can be created with a small initial contribution.
  • The Foundation only requires an initial gift of $1,000 to open a Young Philanthropist Fund.
  • There are no minimum required additional contributions to the fund.
  • Grants to charities are easy to recommend and distribute.
  • There are no administrative fees.
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