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A Designated Fund is exactly what it sounds like: a fund that is set up to provide for a specific nonprofit organization that is near and dear to your heart. It’s focused, and it continues your commitment to an organization – one you may have been supporting for years – for years to come.

Benefits of a Designated Fund

It’s personal

  • The organizations you care about receive support from your fund directly
  • The fund can be set up in your family’s name to support an organization you care about
  • It can also be used to honor the memory of a loved one to provide immediate and future support to organizations that mattered to them

It’s enduring

  • A Designated Fund provides annual support to the charity of your choice now. But it can also continue to invest in your chosen organization after your lifetime.

It’s flexible

  • Funded by securities, cash, personal property, IRAs, life insurance or even real estate, the Foundation will work with you to establish and meet your financial and giving goals. There are many ways to get there; we are here to help navigate the path. You can also establish the fund through your estate.

It’s easy

  • The Foundation handles the details. You just tell us what matters to you, and we will work hard to put your money to work where, and how, you wish. The Foundation ensures that your intention survives permanently.

If you and your family wish to support an organization for generations to come, and to create a legacy of support for causes that matter most to you, a reliable, long-term, Designated Fund may be the ideal solution.

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