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Jewish Philanthropic Organizations


Whatever plans will best achieve your philanthropic goals, we will help you put it into place!

To get started, you will first meet with the Foundation team and your financial advisors to explore and identify your philanthropic goals.

Together, we will talk about what matters most to you and how you envision putting your wealth to work. We will then, together, determine which assets you plan to give and whether you would like to involve your family.

Step 1: Identify your values and goals

Your personal philosophy, vision and goals drive the whole process. Whether you want to create an endowment for your children to manage, support a favorite organization, create a scholarship program, or create another plan, we can help with resources and guidance.

Step 2: Create your plan

Learn about the available Foundation Funds. There are lots of ways to give and platforms on which to build a plan.

Explore endowment options. An endowment is, literally, a gift that keeps giving. Once an endowment reaches a set balance, the principal is maintained, with grants distributed from income or a planned percentage, permanently helping to create the future you envisioned.

Customize your giving plan. The Foundation offers a variety of roads to reach your ultimate goal, By dividing your gift into multiple funds, you can achieve a range of outcomes. For example, you may wish to give a portion of your estate to a donor-advised fund for your children to manage or to a Designated Fund that will provide grants to your favorite nonprofit.

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