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An endowment reaches further.

A Foundation Endowment Fund reaches further into the future, and further into the health, welfare, and vibrancy of the causes you care about. It is a permanent fund, in your name or a person’s name you wish to honor, that supports one or more charitable organizations or causes.


In addition to providing significant tax advantages, an Endowment Fund connects future generations of your family to the causes that matter most to you.

Endowment Funds are also unique, because they can fill in where a charity’s annual operating budget might be insufficient, as in the case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance.
Your Endowment Fund will work hard, for years to come, to enable the kinds of changes, development, and support you care most about.

An endowment fund can support a specific nonprofit, a specific cause or for the unrestricted future needs of the community – or a combination of any or all.

How an Endowment Works:

  • Sign an agreement to name your endowment
  • Select the causes or charities you wish to support
  • Contribute cash, IRA Charitable Rollover or other assets for a current gift or make the Atlanta Jewish Foundation the beneficiary of your retirement assets or life insurance or as a part of your estate plan Choose the timing of your gift or gifts

Once you fund your endowment, you’re all set. The Foundation will invest it in the Foundation’s Common Investment Pool. And funds will be distributed, at the current spending policy of the Foundation (now 5% of corpus annually), to the charities or causes you have chosen.

It’s giving that lasts, made easy.

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