As a foundation thats committed to serving our fundholders and their families, we’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with 21/64 Next Generation Philanthropy, a very special organization dedicated to amplifying multi-generational philanthropy. The resources and values of 21/64 dovetail perfectly with our belief that initiating conversations with your family members is the very best way to ensure that your values will live on and that your children and grandchildren will engage in them too. Like us, 21/64 is interested in facilitation techniques that enable meaningful conversations 

To formally launch our relationship with 21/64, if you are a fundholder, please join us for a special virtual programGrowing GoodnessTelling Your Family Story with Bruce Feiler, exclusively for fundholders, Monday, May 24, 7:30 – 8:30 pm. In partnership with The Breman Museum and 21/64, New York Times bestselling author, Bruce Feiler will explain how the values embedded in family stories of overcoming hardship, are a treasure, and how passing them on to the next generation is as valuable as passing on your wealth! Bruce is passionate on this topic and lectures widely as part of his Life Story Project. 

About 21/64: Over the years, many people have asked what 21/64 means. The name is a symbol of multigenerational approach to family collaboration. “21” symbolizes the time when young people come of age, and “64” an age typically associated with people thinking about their legacies. “21/64” describes an approach to helping multigenerational families work together. This is exactly the direction Atlanta Jewish Foundation is taking, providing unique educational opportunities for our fundholders, offering customized solutions for generational philanthropy, and helping our clients express their Jewish values through charitable giving.  

Don’t miss this special opportunity to spend an hour with Bruce Feiler and learn how to identify and craft a family narrative that will inspire all generations to be more centered, more secure, and more generous! Questions? Please contact Staci Eichelbaum.