What will your philanthropic legacy be? Will it improve the world? Will it support the community institutions you care about? Will it sustain your family’s values? Will it express the values you want to be remembered for?  

Atlanta Jewish Foundation believes that your legacy can do all those things, and we are honored to help you shape it. 

Through a new LIFE & LEGACY® campaign, called Each One Reach One, Atlanta Jewish Foundation is partnering with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to potentially double the number of donors in this community-wide legacy giving initiative. The new effort encourages committed legacy donors to share their stories and motivations for leaving a legacy.  

Have you shared your stories with your kids and grandkids? We’re big believers in the power of storytelling to inspire philanthropy, so we’re pleased to share these stories from fundholders Stephanie Abes and Avery Kastin, attesting to the power of legacy giving to secure the Jewish future. Read them and contact Rachel Rosner to start a conversation about a LIFE & LEGACY® gift. 

LIFE & LEGACY® donor Stephanie Abes said, “It was the right time in my life to help spark and steer conversations with my peers about leaving a legacy gift to our community. As I’ve progressed in my commitments as a Jewish woman, I can see that all I’ve worked for over the years leads to this. There are so many motivations to support LIFE & LEGACY®. When I see the outstanding education my grandchildren enjoyed in our Jewish day schools, and as I watch my grown children step up and serve on the boards of our backbone agencies, I want all these organizations to be strong and sustainable going forward. It’s up to me and my family to ensure that these Jewish institutions continue for future generations.” 

Stephanie shared a story she heard about a woman with modest assets. “The woman wanted to support her synagogue’s future but didn’t think she had the means. She realized that her small condo was a possible resource, so she checked in with her kids to ask if, upon her death, making that asset a legacy gift was okay with them. Her children let her know that they’d be fine if she did it.” 

“Stories like that give me the tools to open up conversations with friends about making a legacy gift. I tell them, ‘I’m not your financial planner, but through Atlanta Jewish Foundation, you can get the advice you need.’ They can help you look at your assets and determine what makes sense for you.” 

Avery Kastin told us, “Legacy giving resonates with me, it’s a genius idea. The moment I heard about the LIFE & LEGACY® opportunity and about the Jewish Future Pledge, I began to understand the potential impact on our community. I wanted to make Federation the recipient of my gifts because it’s where I’ve focused so much of my time over the years — first as chair of Federation’s Young Adult division, as a Federation board member, and as chair of the Business & Professionals’ Division and the new Journeys Allocation Committee.”    

To encourage donors, organizations, and our community to participate, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation is offering $300,000 in national incentives. Conversations had by September 30 count toward the extra incentive. Learn more about leaving a legacy.